The cobas® 6000 analyzer series can consolidate into one integrated platform up to 95% of your routine workload of clinical chemistry and immunoassay testing.

The cobas® 6000 analyzer series automates and simplifies your lab's workload. Fully compatible with MODULAR PRE-ANALYTICSPLUS system, the cobas® 6000 analyzer series can seamlessly integrate pre-analytical automation.

We've made operations in your lab simpler by standardizing Roche Diagnostics analyzers with common reagent carriers, applications, analytical technologies, and software interface. With the cobas® 6000 analyzer series, there is one sample tube, one patient result report, and one LIS connection.

The cobas® 6000 analyzer series gives you the power to control your lab, improve financial performance, enhance efficiency, and make a difference for the doctors and patients who rely on the critical information you provide to make vital decisions about healthcare, every day

The Sysmex XT-2000i offers medium volume laboratories an affordable, reliable automated system to meet their needs for efficient hematology testing. The analyzer has a second fluorescent platelet method, PLT-O, on-board to help resolve platelet flags and minimize manual counts. Reticulocytes are fully automatic and require no pretreatments or testing delays. Body fluid samples, including CSF, serous fluid and spinal fluid, are analyzed for RBC and WBC counts. The XT-2000i streamlines your workflow by providing testing for up to 80 samples per hour, enabling rapid turnaround time of results. The XT-2000i offers the options of a 6-part WBC differential, including enumerated immature granulocytes (IG% and #) and RET-He reticulocyte hemoglobin concentrations.